Installer tutorials

Installer tutorials

You will find a lot of valuable information in the form of tutorials, sample configurations carried out step by step, ways of connecting devices, etc.

M-SERV module's SD card update

The guide describes a procedure of updating the SD card in an M-SERV family module.

Last update September 27, 2023, tags: SERV family, Configuration

Smart roller blind positioning

Guide about setting roller blinds position related to sun position.

Last update September 5, 2023, tags: Integrations

M-OUT-4s configuration guide

The M-OUT-4s module is equipped with voltage analogue outputs that allow it to integrate with devices that have voltage control inputs. This document explains how the module’s configuration is carried out.

Last update August 31, 2023, tags: Configuration, Smart Home configurator

Integration of the Ampio system with Node-RED

A guide for the integration of the Ampio system with Node-RED, either via predefined nodes, or an MQTT broker.

Last update August 29, 2023, tags: Automations, Configuration, Integrations, IP, Node-RED

M-SERV server configuration

A guide to performing the first configuration of M-SERV family modules

Last update June 6, 2023, tags: SERV family, Configuration, IP, Integrations

F&F meter configuration

A configuration guide for the integration of the Ampio system with the F&F LE-03MW CT electricity meter.

Last update May 22, 2023, tags: Smart Home configurator, Modbus

Wiring and powering of the Ampio installation

A guide that describes the basics of connecting the Ampio modules in a smart building installation.

Last update May 4, 2023, tags: Installation, DIN rail modules, DOT family, RDN family, Wall switch

Integration with a ZigBee protocol

This guide describes the possibility of integrating with the ZigBee protocol using a gateway connected to the USB port of a module from the M-SERV family.

Last update March 7, 2023, tags: Configuration, Integrations

M-CON-KNX-s configuration guide

This document explains the process of configuring the M-CON-KNX-s module to integrate it with the KNX bus.

Last update February 20, 2023, tags: Configuration, Smart Home configurator, Integrations

Integration with tedee lock

A guide for the integration of Gerda’s tedee locks with the Ampio system.

Last update January 30, 2023, tags: SERV family, Integrations, Configuration, IP, Mobile app, Access control