Configuration tag

Integration with a ZigBee protocol

This guide describes the possibility of integrating with the ZigBee protocol using a gateway connected to the USB port of a module from the M-SERV family.

Last update June 17, 2024, tags: Configuration, Integrations, Node-RED, SERV family

Configuration of energy-related objects in Ampio Designer

A guide to configuring energy-related graphic objects and displaying them in a mobile application.

Last update June 14, 2024, tags: Ampio Designer, Mobile app, Configuration, RS-485, Data visualisation

Installer kit - basic information and configuration

A guide that provides general information about the Ampio installer kit and describes basic configuration that can be carried out with it.

Last update April 30, 2024, tags: Configuration, Dallas 18B20, Ampio Designer, Touch panels, SERV family

M-SERV module's SD card update

The guide describes a procedure of updating the SD card image in an M-SERV family module.

Last update April 2, 2024, tags: SERV family, Configuration, Ampio Designer

Integration of the Ampio system with Node-RED

A guide for the integration of the Ampio system with Node-RED, either via predefined nodes, or an MQTT broker.

Last update March 20, 2024, tags: Automations, Configuration, Integrations, IP, Node-RED

Configuration guide for M-INOC and M-OC modules

The following guide describes the configuration of modules from the M-INOC and M-OC family in the Ampio system.

Last update February 23, 2024, tags: Configuration, Lights, Smart Home configurator, Ampio Designer

M-OUT-4s configuration guide

The M-OUT-4s module is equipped with voltage analogue outputs that allow it to integrate with devices that have voltage control inputs. This document explains how the module’s configuration is carried out.

Last update February 19, 2024, tags: Configuration, Smart Home configurator, Ampio Designer

Configuration of a universal MODBUS RTU integrator

A description of the configuration of integration software with the majority of devices supporting the MODBUS RS485 protocol

Last update February 19, 2024, tags: Configuration, Integrations, RS-485, Modbus, Smart Home configurator, Ampio Designer

DALI integration

A guide for the integration of Ampio with the DALI system.

Last update February 15, 2024, tags: Lights, Dimmer, Dali, Integrations, Configuration

Ampio Designer

Introductory guide to the Ampio Designer software.

Last update January 29, 2024, tags: Configuration, Mobile app, Ampio Designer