Installer tutorials

Installer tutorials

You will find a lot of valuable information in the form of tutorials, sample configurations carried out step by step, ways of connecting devices, etc.

Configuration of a universal MODBUS RTU integrator

A description of the configuration of integration software with the majority of devices supporting the MODBUS RS485 protocol

Last update February 19, 2024, tags: Configuration, Integrations, RS-485, Modbus, Smart Home configurator, Ampio Designer

DALI integration

A guide for the integration of Ampio with the DALI system.

Last update February 15, 2024, tags: Lights, Dimmer, Dali, Integrations, Configuration

Ampio Designer

Introductory guide to the Ampio Designer software.

Last update January 29, 2024, tags: Configuration, Mobile app, Ampio Designer

M-RT-s module configuration guide

The M-RT-s module is used to control heating zones in a building. This guide describes its configuration in the Ampio environment.

Last update January 8, 2024, tags: Configuration, Central heating, Ampio Designer, Mobile app

M-SERV server configuration

A guide to performing the first configuration of M-SERV family modules

Last update November 27, 2023, tags: SERV family, Configuration, IP, Integrations

Wiring and powering of the Ampio installation

A guide that describes the basics of connecting the Ampio modules in a smart building installation.

Last update October 30, 2023, tags: Installation, DIN rail modules, DOT family, RDN family, Wall switch

Example configuration in the Ampio Designer

The guide describes a configuration example for lighting in the Ampio Designer software.

Last update October 27, 2023, tags: SERV family, Configuration, Ampio Designer

Smart roller blind positioning

Guide about setting roller blinds position related to sun position.

Last update September 5, 2023, tags: Integrations

F&F meter configuration

A configuration guide for the integration of the Ampio system with the F&F LE-03MW CT electricity meter.

Last update May 22, 2023, tags: Smart Home configurator, Modbus

M-CON-KNX-s configuration guide

This document explains the process of configuring the M-CON-KNX-s module to integrate it with the KNX bus.

Last update February 20, 2023, tags: Configuration, Smart Home configurator, Integrations