Installer tutorials

Installer tutorials

You will find a lot of valuable information in the form of tutorials, sample configurations carried out step by step, ways of connecting devices, etc.

Objects - configuration in the Smart Home Manager

A guide on how to add and configure objects for the purpose of displaying them in the Ampio UNI mobile application.

Last update January 10, 2023, tags: Smart Home Manager, Mobile app

M-RT-s module configuration guide

The M-RT-s module is used to control heating zones in a building. This guide describes its configuration in the Ampio environment.

Last update October 13, 2022, tags: Configuration, Smart Home configurator, Smart Home Manager, Mobile app

Buzzer notifications in M-DOT modules

M-DOT touch panels can generate a buzzing sound. This guide shows an example of configuring such settings.

Last update October 13, 2022, tags: DOT family, Configuration, Smart Home configurator

Audio connection with an intercom via SIP

SIP configuration manual based on the example of DoorBird’s IP intercom

Last update October 13, 2022, tags: SERV family, Integrations, Configuration, IP, Mobile app, Access control

Integration with NETIO PowerPDU

This guide explains the process of integrating NETIO’s smart power distribution unit with the Ampio system.

Last update October 6, 2022, tags: Integrations, Node-RED, Input modules, IP, Smart Home Manager

DALI integration

A guide for the integration of Ampio with the DALI system.

Last update September 21, 2022, tags: Lights, Dimmer, Dali, Integrations, Configuration

Remote programming

This guide explains the Ampio system configuration that enables remote programming.

Last update September 19, 2022, tags: Smart Home configurator

Configuration of the integration with the Satel Integra alarm system

A guide that describes the steps of integrating the Ampio system with the Satel-Integra alarm with the use of the M-CON-232-s and M-SERV-s modules.

Last update September 13, 2022, tags: Smart Home configurator, Access control

Manual updates

Some updates in the Ampio system have to be initiated manually. This guide explains how such a procedure works.

Last update September 7, 2022, tags: Configuration, Smart Home configurator, Smart Home Manager, Mobile app

Controlling impulse-triggered roller blinds

This guide explains how to configure Ampio devices that can control impulse-triggered roller blinds.

Last update August 25, 2022, tags: RT family, Roller shutters and blinds, Relay outputs, Automations, Configuration, Smart Home configurator