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M-CON-KNX-s configuration guide

This document explains the process of configuring the M-CON-KNX-s module to integrate it with the KNX bus.

Last update February 20, 2023, tags: Configuration, Smart Home configurator, Integrations

M-RT-s module configuration guide

The M-RT-s module is used to control heating zones in a building. This guide describes its configuration in the Ampio environment.

Last update October 13, 2022, tags: Configuration, Smart Home configurator, Smart Home Manager, Mobile app

Buzzer notifications in M-DOT modules

M-DOT touch panels can generate a buzzing sound. This guide shows an example of configuring such settings.

Last update October 13, 2022, tags: DOT family, Configuration, Smart Home configurator

Remote programming

This guide explains the Ampio system configuration that enables remote programming.

Last update September 19, 2022, tags: Smart Home configurator

Configuration of the integration with the Satel Integra alarm system

A guide that describes the steps of integrating the Ampio system with the Satel-Integra alarm with the use of the M-CON-232-s and M-SERV-s modules.

Last update September 13, 2022, tags: Smart Home configurator, Access control

Manual updates

Some updates in the Ampio system have to be initiated manually. This guide explains how such a procedure works.

Last update September 7, 2022, tags: Configuration, Smart Home configurator, Smart Home Manager, Mobile app

Controlling impulse-triggered roller blinds

This guide explains how to configure Ampio devices that can control impulse-triggered roller blinds.

Last update August 25, 2022, tags: RT family, Roller shutters and blinds, Relay outputs, Automations, Configuration, Smart Home configurator

Uploading icons to M-DOT panels

Instructions on how to edit icons for touch panels with a display.

Last update July 28, 2022, tags: DOT family, Smart Home configurator

Configuration of a universal MODBUS RTU integrator

A description of the configuration of integration software with the majority of devices supporting the MODBUS RS485 protocol

Last update June 13, 2022, tags: Configuration, Integrations, RS-485, Modbus, Smart Home configurator

Configuration guide for M-INOC and M-OC modules

The following guide describes the configuration of modules from the M-INOC and M-OC family in the Ampio Smart Home configurator.

Last update May 20, 2022, tags: Configuration, Lights, Smart Home configurator