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M-CON-DL-s: DALI bus Integration module MDALI-1s, M-CON-DALI-s

Module M-CON-DL-s is a component of the Ampio system. Required voltage to power the module is 11 — 16V DC. The module is controlled via CAN bus. The module is intended for integration with lighting with a Dali interface. Dali is the main lighting used in industrial halls, large-format supermarkets and with the ongoing rapid development of automation systems, also in residential buildings.

Last update February 22, 2024, tags: Ampio CAN modules, CON family, Output modules, DIN rail modules, Lights, Dimmer, Dali, Integrations, LED lights, RGBW lights

DALI integration

A guide for the integration of Ampio with the DALI system.

Last update February 15, 2024, tags: Lights, Dimmer, Dali, Integrations, Configuration