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M-SERV-MINI-s: Remote system management and IP integrations module

Module M-SERV-MINI-s is a component of the Ampio system. Required voltage to power the module is 11 — 16V DC. The module is controlled via CAN bus. The M-SERV-MINI-s module is a communication gateway for Ampio mobile applications - both within the local network and via the Ampio Cloud platform - and enables IP integrations.

Last update October 4, 2022, tags: Ampio CAN modules, SERV family, Output modules, DIN rail modules, Integrations, Ampio Cloud, IP, Mobile app, Node-RED, Open-collector drivers, Central heating

Setting up cameras in Ampio Smart Home Manager

A guide on how to manage cameras in the SHM, using the example of HIKVISION cameras.

Last update August 3, 2022, tags: SERV family, Configuration, Integrations, IP, Mobile app, Smart Home Manager